Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tar Sands

Tonight I went to see an author speak regarding the tar sands in Alberta. From what I saw and read regarding this wasteful and annihilating project is a crying shame. It shows how desperate we are to acquire oil and will sacrifice 50,000 square mile of boreal forest and turn it into an ecological cesspool.

But I tabled for a local group I volunteer with and saw some people I know and rode home in the rain. I am glad that I have a warm home to come home to.

As for oil, I have no solution. Biofuels? Wind? Hydrogen? Solar? Probably none of the above any time soon. And most, in their present form, require large energy inputs. But the days of cheap energy are behind us forever. And forever is how long that the tar sands will be devoid of any life. {...add John Denver music and a picture of crying child}

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