Friday, April 24, 2009

Joseph Banks

Today was the day I I donned my Joseph Banks attire to attend a business meeting in town. JB khakis and navy blazer; Bass tassel loafers; LL Bean blue button down (much better quality than the many JB or BB button downs in my closet). Certainly odd attire for Bellingham, but it was the norm (actually more like business casual) from my suit and tie days Back East. I hope I do not have to go back to that lifestyle anytime soon. And I do not know why I am telling you about my wardrobe either.

Another day of sun and coffee, and the former means I can take out my new single speed. I don't plan on riding it in the rain, so I never put fenders on or any other add-ons. Keep it light and simple.

The picture is from the end of my block looking towards town across the tennis courts and ball field of the high school. The hill to the left is the arboretum - close to where I ride over the hill to my moonlight gig in Happy Valley (like tonight). Hills are getting much easier, even though there is only one speed.

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