Monday, April 20, 2009


Above is a picture taken today of Avellino's - one the best coffee houses in town. Unfortunately, I don't really go there much, as seating is at a premium and it's not really the most conducive coffee shop for work. For me, at least. It's in town about six blocks from my house.

But a wonderful spring day in Bellingham and people soaked in the sun and warmth. And the days like today seem even more wonderful after the drear of winter.

Nothing more to say. But the chicks have taken to their new homes and live their simple life. I think there is one Bantam (might actually be a rooster - we are not certain yet) and two Rhode Island Reds that we bought down at Hohl Feed and Seed. It's sort of neat to be able to by chicks and all the accoutrments only a few blocks away in the middle of downtown Bellingham.

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