Saturday, April 18, 2009


Saturday was a day to go and get chickens. Well, actually they are chicks and little did I realize in the ardor of making this acquisition that I will become the steward of three furry birds inside for the next two months. Actually, it's a team effort in our house, so these birds will become inhabitants to the back room (it was once a porch, and is the transition room from outside to inside) where I am trying to maintain a 95 degree temperature for a week and then decrease it five degrees every week for eight figgin' weeks? Oh well. I guess I should've researched raising chicks (versus just buying grown laying hens). No big deal though, as there's room for all of us in the house.

And I went to drop off a part for my motorbike to have the final drive bolt retapped yesterday, and the person (a fellow BMW airhead owner and mechanic) happened to be finishing his henhouse and said he'd give me the incubator he acquired for his hens that are now ready to move outside. Well actually for ten or twenty bucks, he said - which is still a steal.

I am sure you'll hear more about the evolution of these birds. So far, we're out about fifty bucks in the hole with no eggs yet. And it looks like it will be about 6-8 weeks before we should plan on any omelets for breakfast. But they are cute. And it will be nice to produce our own fresh eggs in light of the horrors of our industrial food production, including increasingly industrial organic.

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