Saturday, April 11, 2009


I used to write here every day. Now it seems to be less frequently. I think because I have less to say. And I've also been quite occupied with work events and besides, sometimes I feel like it is the same things I say over and over again, as I have posted around 600 posts, and there is only so much to comment on, compliment and criticize. But a Saturday morning community food (gardening) event at Western awaits me tomorrow, and hopes in the afternoon of taking apart the final drive on my old BWM motorbike and changing the oils. Maybe set the timing too. Hopefully that will be the extent of my Saturday.

Time for some much welcomed sleep. The picture I pulled off the internet somewhere and I should link to it, but I already saved it on my drive and closed the window. But that is what Bellingham looks like from high up in the air. If you look really hard, I am about a half mile from the water very close to downtown.

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