Sunday, April 12, 2009


A busy weekend of doing nothing. I finally finished a business plan tonight, only to have a full week starting tomorrow. The spring rains made for a day longing for the weather we had last week. It's weird when you have some beautiful days and the rain and clouds seem a million miles away. Yet when the rain returns for a day or two, you think the sun was a mere figment of your imagination.

But considering the pervasive cloudiness in this town, I am always amazed at the number of darkly tinted windows I see in Bellingham. I was in San Fran a few weeks back and virtually no one has tint on their windows. Here in Bellingham, it seems to be something of a fashion trend (if those things exist up here). Maybee that's why the suicide rate is so high up here: the clouds and 3pm sunsets aren't depressing enough, and you need to make things a bit more dreary. Or another reason for tint I've been told is widespread use of drugs in this area and their need to not have the public see what's going on inside their vehicles. I have really heard no other logical reason.

But unfortunately they are horribly dangerous when I'm either on my bike or motorbike, as god know what these people are doing (legally or illegally) hiding in their cars. It's always an added safety measure to make eye contact with these cagers, but considering the tint is also an indication of vanity, you have to assume they're not too concerned about others anyway.

Sorry about the pissy post, I just see no reason for dangerous tint in this sunless and bike-ridden town.

Oh, and the picture was taken by me from Lake Padden last week or the week before.

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