Friday, April 17, 2009


Fridays are sort of the only day I can sleep in, which means that I am up at seven still, but don't need to roll out of bed for awhile. So this is one of the ideal days where I can stay in bed and turn on my laptop and drink coffee with a sleeping dog at my side listening to AM650 out of Vancouver.

Funny how the headline news on Vancouver radio is that the local mall is filing for bankruptcy protection. Much (most?) of the business at the mall is from aggressive Canadians drivers visiting in their fast SUVs with chrome wheels and tinted windows looking for the latest bargain so they can acquire more stuff and then lie to Canadian customs on the way back through to avoid paying duty. I do not think the acquisition of stuff is unique to Vancouver residents, but more for any urban environment where people are always want more and more as a result of their platitudinous rat-race existence, and living in such close proximity to people with shiny, flashy things.

But having a productive morning lying here, it's time to get back to work.

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