Friday, September 19, 2008


When you have a million things going at once, you sometimes forget what day it is. Today was once day. An early morning meeting turned into a late morning break to watch a very funny movie, recently purchased through Amazon. A dreary day that was eactually quite beautiful once you overcome the though of it being quite ctrummy outside when it really isn't too bad. A love for good coffee or tea is critical for when the winter einds blow.

Looks like a trip back east may be afoot for work on a whirlwind trip, so hopefully I will be able to squeeze some personal time in there too. And if luck holds out on Hotwire, I will be able to fly from SeaTac to Philly for around two hundred bucks. See, there are some benefits to a souring economy.

Back to my monlighting gig on a glorious Friday evening.

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