Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Although this is not the actual seed dryer, this is what one looks like. Today was a day of meeting dignitaries and forward thinking people of Snohomish County where this dryer was commissioned.

Here's how it works: Methane gas is produced by virtually all landfills - lots of it. In most instances, it is burned off into the atmosphere. In our application it is used to power a seed dryer, which in turn allows the dried seed to be stored. Some oilseed will later be crushed into oil and meal: the former for biodiesel; the latter for animal feed. Their project helps local farmers, the county, and our company that produces biodiesel sourced from local feedstock. Virtually all of the Snohomish County vehicles will be powered on the oil generated from 1,000 acres of seed on a 20% biodiesel (ie, B20) blend. Pretty exciting to be solving a tiny piece of the massive energy puzzle.

Ideally, we can replicate this model around the state or country with private and public partnerships. We'll see!

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