Saturday, September 27, 2008


So my search for decent pants has hopefully come to an end. What was most discouraging was all the pockets that most of these pants come with. I'd feel like Napoleon Dynamite wearing pants with all the pockets that most outdoor activewear have.
"Napolean, give me some 'tots."

But I stumbled upon some Gramicci pants online. I've never purchased them, but I am not too enamored by the quality of the really pricey gear. I will try to see the quality of these. North Face is great, Patagonia and Kavu are okay, so we'll see what happens with the Gramicci.

A stressful work week ended on a good note. And tomorrow is a day to get the motorbike ready for the trip to Anacortes on Sunday. I am sure you'll see pictures. Here is a picture taken in the spring of the side of the house.

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