Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Why is socialization so bad when it helps the common person, but accepted by republicans when it benefits the corporate elite? Never mind, I just answered my own question.

The State of Washington can be construed by most as socialist: myriad benefits to its citizens, the highest minimum wage in the country, sales tax among the highest in the country, liberal workers' rights, strict environmental regulation, etc. Then I wonder why Washington state has one of the strongest economies in the nation?I guess socialism in this country is only supposed to work when it benefits the ultra wealthy, not the other 275 million or so of us common people. Capitalism is all but dead in this country. So sad.

I really hope I awaken and find that this presidency was a really bad dream. What else can this guy f*ck up? I know I shouldn't make that statement, as there is still the October surprise. Sorry about the rant, I just shake my head when I think about it though. This will cost ten thousand bucks (at least) for every family in this country that will do virtually nothing to loosen credit to those that drive the economy: small business. (I read a statistic somewhere that since 1990, small businesses added 16m jobs in this country; the companies comprising the S&P 500 shed 15m jobs.) Believe me, lending for the small and emerging business is entirely non existent. That's not an exaggeration, as I've worked with many over the past decade.

And on a positive note, here is an article about yesterday's ceremony. And another. Raising capital for this company during an economic meltdown will no doubt be the greatest achievement of my career. What a rush this life is.

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