Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes, I was wrong last night. The full moon cast a pleasant light upon my ride home last night around midnight. Today a smattering of clouds and some more beautiful weather. Busy day today, but that's okay.

It is wonderful how our 'free markets' are being rescued once again by the US government. For the past few years, it was a veritable orgy with this country drunk on profits and multi-million dollar Wall Street bonuses only to have the taxpayers once again pick up the tab. Adam Smith is probably turning in his grave. Meanwhile we have two presidential candidates that are once again nothing more than marionettes of big business that probably won't do a damned thing to rectify the quasi crony capitalism. Oh well, at least we concentrate on important things like guns and abortion. And as most economists indicate, the worst is still ahead of us; Americans get what they deserve.

But was a splendid day today and biking in town all these thoughts run through my head and by the end of the evening, I sit down to write and it seems to be the same thoughts flow to the forefront of my mind. So although myblurb about seems like a tirade, I though it might be nice to address current events or something other than sun and rain and wind. But it was a gorgeous fall day, by the way. The picture above was taken in Fairhaven a few weeks back.

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Anonymous said...

How well put about the
govt. Says it very well. How
blind the people are to what is
happening to our country.

Unca Don