Friday, September 12, 2008


And another picture taken last night. In the background is the Canadian Coast Range, or I think they call it the North Shore in Vancouver. And that's where I spend a chunk of my day: B.C.

Driving back into the states, it sucked. The lineup at the US border was around ninety minutes. It should be a treat for the Olympics in 2010. At least they are adding on over in Canada.

But at least my day wasn't as bad as this guy. I heard he was decapitated and it took them awhile to find the head. Talk about morbid. Many people have died on motorcycles on Chuckanut Drive this year. I think four or five so far. And this guy was on a 2002 BMW too. I will probably not ride too much more this year. Maybe down to the Oyster Run if weather permits with my housemate.

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