Saturday, September 27, 2008


There is an oyster party that we shall be attending this evening in Sudden Valley, then tomorrow is the Oyster Run to Anacortes. Although I didn't eat any meat for ten years or so, I am glad that I eat seafood again. Living here would be torture if one was not able to enjoy the local bounty of the sea, caught fresh right off shore. And yes, most of the ecosystems in the Puget Sound are distressed and declining, arguably mostly due to development. But when development is Bellingham's largest industry, there is not much you can do to stop 'progress'.

Speaking of which, a few more condo projects went on the block here in Bellingham. The fifteen-storey condo downtown (see left) that has been nothing more than a hole in the ground since I've lived here. How could this be? I thought Bellingham had a limitless supply of retirees seeking our seven months of dismal weather?

But today I got the BMW motorbike back in working order, although there were a few hiccups. And one involved leaking gasoline all over the garage floor (ecoterrorist that I am). Not much. Maybe a cupful. But enough to make one realize the potency of this horrific and many-faceted liquid. But the R60/6 was back on the road. I fueled her (with my thirteen dollars of gasoline for the last two months) and took a jaunt around Bellingham. It will be a fun time tomorrow. And hopefully safe, as there always seems to be a mishap among the thousands of riders - many times even involving death. I am sure that pictures and movies will follow.

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