Monday, September 29, 2008


Everyone seemed to be tired today. A long weekend. And another long one coming up. A visiting friend coming in from the east coast. Or Cleveland actually. So it looks like a trip to Vancouver is in the works, along with myriad other things to do out and about in Bellingham.

The picture was taken yesterday where we parked. And here is another video coming back home up SR11 - Chuckanut Drive, a windy road that wraps along the Chuckanuts with the Puget Sound falling away to the west.

This was probably the last big ride of the season. I put around a thousand miles on it this year and now it's back to the bicycle (in all honesty my preferred mode of transportation versus the motorbike). We never made it to Victoria, but there is always next year. Not much more happening other than the crashing of the stock market. I hate to be smug, but this was inevitably predicted as far back as 2006 by many of us 'alarmists'. Good thing I bailed from large-cap equities a few months back. And rocky times still await. I wonder what impact this will have on two of Bellingham's largest high-tech industries: retirees and development. (Are they even industries?)

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