Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here's a picture of my home taken back in May of 2006 when we bought it. 1,100 square feet, 800 if you don't count the upstairs. And plenty of space still goes unused. This is what a cool quarter million will buy you in Bellingham, but fortunately the home prices have still increased a bit for the smaller places like mine since I purchased. Unlike the mid-priced homes ($400-$900 thousand) that have been overbuilt and consequently are flooding the market. And the rest of the West Coast where prices have seen to plummeted.

And today was an article in The Herald about how Whatcom County is ranked the 9th most overvalued housing market in the U.S. Not too surprising, since something like 80% residents make less than $18/hour. But if there was ever a place where you can have fun on very little, Bellingham is it. The people don't really need to impress one another too much, and even those possessing wealth that I know living here really don't flaunt it. Most drive older vehicles, and live modest lifestyles. Those that drive the flashy cars are either real estate agents or recent transplants.

Nothing more to add tonight. Other than the fall settling in. Cold morning, with wonderful clouds enshrouding the cascades on a trip down to Everett today.

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Tanya and Michael Storm said...

I am a recent NC to WA transplant with a B'ham blog also - just wanted to let you know I enjoy yours!