Thursday, September 4, 2008


I wish I could say something exciting happened today, but the extent of it was trying out a new coffee shop on Railroad: Woods Coffee. Probably not my first choice, but I needed to get out - and meet someone too. And cleaning out my e-mail too. Livin' on the edge up here in Bellingham.

But this weekend has much planned, so it is good to get caught up today. Parties Saturday and Sunday.

To the right is another picture taken over on Orcas Island. I should be commenting on the political charade going on in this country, but I am pretty much apathetic towards the sad and declining state of my beloved country. Looks like another election based on guns and abortion, while the top 1% wealth holders averaged an 11% increase year-over-year, while the rest of us averaged only a 1% increase - loosing ground, in other words.

Of 300 million people in the United States, we have the choice of two (or four) cheese balls. One being leftovers since 2000; the other with no more life experience than I. And fundamentally one party. What has become of our republic?

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