Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today was one of those days that I had to think twice before realizing it was a Monday. Fall is in the air and it was a wonderful chilly day and evening to bike to and from work. The most exciting that really happened today is that my router is on the fritz. Hopefully it only needs some magic from a co-worker and computer friend of mine, and isn’t in need of replacement. At least the modem still works.

Tomorrow I go to Everett for a ceremony to launch a seed dryer that we are assisting operating. The seed will be dried and the oilseed will later be crushed for animal feed and feedstock to make biodiesel. Most of my time these days and nights is helping to launch a biodiesel company, so it’s great to produce oil provided by the seed of local farmers here in Washington.

But it’s time to sleep after a long week. Being well rested is nice, although this past week has been a bit hectic. This picture to the right really is nothing more than a gif file I formatted for a document today. The company is launching plants up and down the West Coast and it’s an exciting time to be working in an exciting industry. Unfortunately the credit markets are horrible and will probably not improve anytime soon, regardless of any taxpayer subsidizing of the banking industry. Somehow I think the trillion dollars will never make it to the consumer or small business and unfortunately the worst is still ahead of us.

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