Saturday, September 13, 2008


When I used to drive through the Pennsylvania countryside, they always advertised cucumbers as "cukes". I wonder if they ever called zucchini "zukes"? If there was a success story this summer in our meager garden, it would need to be the zukes. Baked muffins, stir-fried, breaded...yummy. And the many varieties of lettuce are doing well too.

A day of a spontaneous forty mile bike ride through the woods and around the lakes of Sudden Valley, Alger and back. I biked the same route roughly that the guy a few weeks ago took on his killing spree. When you cycle, there is plenty of time to think in the solitude and rhythm of the pedaling. I thought as I rode up Cain Lake Road of the furor or psychosis he experienced driving down this same road in a rage. Wow, odd thoughts I sometimes think on an otherwise wonderful day.

But if we take our eye off Palin and Ike, we see our wonderful 'capiatalist' system yet to bail out a few more banks - most recently, the federally-backed FNMA and FHLMC after years of fat profits and record bonuses for management. Beautiful Mother Capitalism: Privatize profit, socialize risk. Meanwhile the wealth in this country gets concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer, while the masses slumber. And to think I have more knowledge of finance and economics of any of our four candidates (excepting possibly Biden). Scary.

Oh, and the movie was taken a few nights back on the Taylor Street Dock.

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