Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This picture was taken a few weeks back from the bike trail.

Yes, after a god-forsaken 37-hour trip from Philly to Bellingham, I finally arrived home early this morning. I hope to never leave Bellingham again. Now I am all for free markets, but both the health care and airline industries have failed consumers miserably in this country. Something is woefully wrong in both. And with the continued increase in the price of fuel, things are only bound to get worse.

I was feeling a bit down today due to lack of sleep and went to a morning meeting, but my spirits were quickly lifted when the first biker passed me up the street from my house and wished me a good morning. It is good to be home. People making eye contact and smiling versus looking at their feet when they walk past you. I miss smiles and nods of Bellingham.

Out to change a flat on the bicycle. I bought so Mr. Tuffy tire liners a few weeks back and of course I haven't gotten a flat since. Well until today. So now I will go out to the garage and put the tire liners on the bike and hopefully have fewer repairs going forward.

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