Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sun Day

This was not taken today, but on the Fourth of July looking southwest towards (I believe) Orcas Island.

Today was a day of doing house chores. And it was sort of fun. These craftsman houses have crawl spaces underneath that have vents that need to be covered in the winter to keep the house a bit warmer. So I did that, and got sidetracked on shining up the BMW; then I ran some errands, and most sadly, signed papers for a most unfortunate divorce. Mine.

But what a resilient species we are, and a crummy morning (of weather and moods) turned into a nice, although chilly, day with many people out and about. I thought about taking the motorbike out, but that will be Thanksgiving Day (high forties and sunny) to go for a ride and visiting. Instead, I took the Trek cruiser. Then I made some oyster stew, which I must admit turned out pretty good.

Here was how I generally made it:
Into a crock pot (on high) mix together...
- Medium sized container of oysters (1/2 quart?)
- Half of a small container of half & half
- Plenty of sea salt (maybe a 1/2 tbsp or more)
- Three stalks of celery
- Sliced garlic (roughly four medium cloves)
- Two or three medium potatoes
- Medium onion
- A little water, which may have been a mistake
Cook for about 90-120 minutes

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