Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here is the place I stayed for the past few nights...an old friend that I knew for the past few decades - actually since around 1979. At any rate it was wonderful to see some old friends and unfortunately I didn't get to see all I would have liked. My time was limited and my schedule changed. Back to Philly tonight and a drive to DC for a morning meeting.

It was wonderful weather in Clarks Summit and Scranton, and I miss seeing all the places from my youth. But is is the nostalgia of one's childhood home, and some day I may return there. But I am quite relaxed in Bellingham, and really am not in a position or space to come back east. So as I am on the East Coast missing my Bellingham home, as well as my childhood home.

But Scranton is still reeling from The Office convention last week, and the buzz is in the air how Scranton is reinventing its hipness. I found a coffee shop that served a cool Americano with wi-fi, so that helped.

Up early tomorrow, but a few days after that to relax. Then a wedding.

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