Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So here I always had an idea where I was born although I never knew exactly where. Well on my last trip to Scranton, I drove past the house and figured I would take a picture of it. We lived in it when it was built new back in 1966, although I have no memories of it.

So today was a day of sun. And in spite of what I wrote yesterday, I was wrong, and I did leave my rain gear at home. Same thing for tomorrow and Thursday. Sun, sun, sun. Problem is, it always get colder out when the clouds do not cap and retain the heat. So with clouds comes a bit more warmth in the air. Clear nights are usually chilly, as tonight will be (in the mid twenties).

I went to catch the movie Into the Wild tonight at the local theater. It was well done but the recklessness of my twenties pales next to this dude's. He sort of reminds me of that goofball guy that lived amongst the grizzlies in Alaska and was later found mauled and in pieces. But it was a long movie and kept moving throughout with few dry spots and nicely woven subplots. Yeah, I would recommend it on the screen. But then again, I've seen some average movies lately.

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