Friday, November 9, 2007


Today was a Hindu portion of a family wedding. I am intrigued by the Indian culture and have found these weddings to be beautiful and warm and tremendous fun. It was a long day and started from this morning's breakfast with the groom's family and the ceremony and the evening dinner/reception. The food was wonderful and all the attendees were very friendly.

I also performed at the sangheet, which is a variety of skits, poems, songs, and other entertainment at the reception. I am a mediocre guitar player, but managed to pull off a performance of one of the few uplifting Neil Young songs I know - Comes A Time. It was great to spend endless time with friends and family, and an afternoon nap certainly helped matters.

The vacation is waning and a few days lie ahead before the plane takes me back to Bellingham. But tomorrow is the Christian ceremony, so another day of excitement is anticipated for tomorrow. Geeze, I didn't even leave the hotel today except for a few minutes to run out to get something out of the rental car's glove box. And that is good. Off to sleep.

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