Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Maybe picture of a sunset will help. This was earlier in the fall. Certainly not today. Snow possibly tonight.

Today was log day of becoming entangled in the vicissitudes of life, work, marriage crap and weather. I am letting the energy of Bellingham slip away from me, which is the sustenance needed to pull one through the winter. I need to harness that energy again. Yes, I realize that in a few weeks, things should mellow out in my life, but right now it is a push to meet some business deadlines that never seem to end.

And I was working at the food bank tonight and tapped into some of the cool things that exist in Bellingham, such as the Purple Church dances. And tomorrow hopefully the NRPS at the Wild Buffalo.

Yes, I need to get outside of myself. And seeing an old hippie band just might do it.

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