Monday, November 19, 2007


So this is where my rain gear spends most of its winter evenings - drying off in front of the gas fireplace. One day on your way out the door, you realize that you won't need to pack your rain riding gear today. A nice thought, but probably many months away.

However, it is the most beautiful thing to ride in the winter rain - today a hard drizzle on the ride home at nine o'clock. And it is a beautiful thing to have much good coffee or tea close at hand. Today I rode all over Bellingham and most of it was in the rain. And it is nice to be at home in front of the fire feeling rosy and refreshed like after a day of cross country skiing.

And I found a cool website today that puts the temperature at the bottom of your computer. Yeah, pretty basic, I realize. But I am a little challenged in certain aspects of computers. But this is one of the best weather programs I've ever seen. And it is 37 degrees Fahrenheit in Bellingham right now, by the way.

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