Saturday, November 24, 2007


"I ain't often right
but I've never been wrong

It seldom turns out the way
it does in the song
Once in a while
you get shown
the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right"

- Robert Hunter

Today, the most exciting thing I did was burned my laptop documents up to a cd-rom. Livin' on the edge, I tell ya. This picture is taken today out the front window: my "office."

But it was quite a productive day on the work front. My head is above water for a moment to gasp for air. And I was able to listen to the complete Missoula, Montana Dead show from 5/14/1974. (What truly a gem is.) A stellar performance, especially the second set from Weather Report Suite through China Doll. Highly, highly recommended.

Then I rode out to run some errands and my bearings held up fine, but the wheel was rubbing due to not enough tightening on the axle nut. Dumb oversight. but a stranger on the street went to his truck to get a wrench and helped me out. Whew. And I was about four miles from home too.

So tonight I get a call tonight from a newly met friend coming in from out of town to crash for a night or so, so in a few days I'll be writing what a cool time we had. Or not. Gotta run. Time to make some tea.

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