Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today was day of staving off those things that happen to oneself when running on too little sleep. So I am riding to a very important management meeting this morning and the BMW stalls out a few blocks from my home. Crap. And I was running against the clock and needed to travel about four miles up some hills.

So I asked a god, if one happened to be listening, to save my butt and get this thing running. Sure enough, after a few tries, the God of Ignition cast favour upon us and it sputtered to life. (I am learning how the choke works. And I also think I flooded it - it was a cold morning.) The rest of the day was smooth sailing.

And it was a day of riding all around town to clients' places and realizing tremendously fun and invigorating it is. The many waves of stress are flowing over me, and a great way to release them is through a nice brisk ride out and about. Cold and cloudy but at least dry. I felt like a kid out sledding and realizing he should go inside because he is freezing, but is willing to sacrifice comfort for the exhilaration of speed and motion. But the bike is put away for the week, and I probably won't get to ride again for a few weeks. Oh what fun.

Oh well...back to the list of 100 tasks to complete by the time I leave for Philly on Saturday.

Oh and that is not my motorbike in the picture. I pulled that one off the internet, but it is pretty much the same as mine.

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