Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Another picture of the park on the bay. The little building in a Wood's Coffee Shop, a very popular place where I go for coffee on occasion. I've learned to avoid it at certain time - especially weekends - when it is overrun with people. I like the more reclusive coffee houses in town.

So I am back in Bellingham for two days of whirlwind things that need to be done before my departure for Philly and Scranton, PA (my home) for ten days. Meetings tomorrow go from seven a.m. until seven p.m. Blech. But I am working with a start-up biofuels company here in Bellingham in the midst of some very intelligent and wonderful people. But it is exhilarating and the ride is wild. It's exciting to learn a new and evolving industry - especially one that will arguably determine future standard of living of future generation here in the US and abroad.

So there is no real significance in the Snoqualmie Pass other than the fact that I like the sound of it and we drove over it on the way back from Yakima today. I am still amazed at the beauty and expansiveness of the PNW.

But it is 10:20 and I have a few more hours of work tonight. And I missed the little Halloweeners this evening, which is too bad.

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