Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Today was a full day of work followed by volunteering at the food bank immediately afterwards. Yeah, I realize some people frequently have days where they leave the house at 7:50am and don't arrive back home until 7:30pm (like tonight). But I don't.

At any rate, the food bank is in a temporary facility while they tear down the old building and reconstruct another at its old address. SO I had to find the new (temporary location). It's always tremendous laughs with both the volunteers and the patrons that I see each week.

On the work front, we drove down to a biofuels facility near Anacortes, Washington, and we happened to drive right by where I had the flat on my motorbike yesterday, about twenty-five miles south of Bellingham. I smiled as I thought of the fun that I had riding. I look forward to getting out again, although it is going to be a busy few weeks of traveling. I will try not to schedule too much (like I do with most trips back to the east coast), although it always seems to happen. Like always though, I look forward to visiting there.

Oh, and the sunset was taken out on the fishing boat (what seems like) eons ago.

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