Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here is a picture of the two captains exchanging home fries the second morning. The group of three have been fishing together for decades and were always there to support one another. There was regular chatter via two-way radio and the camaraderie between these men can save one another's lives, as they never seemed to fish more than a few miles from each other. Their stories of far off places was most entertaining and the belly laughs in the evening (and throughout the day) were plentiful.

Now I am back on good old terra firma and slept almost twelve hours last night. All this after only observing these guys for merely two days. I can only imagine the physical and mental toil over weeks and weeks in weather conditions that are bound to get worse.

Upon my return home, I packaged and froze the salmon steaks (thirteen in all). Today I sold a kayak I hadn't been using, and went to REI for their big seasonal sale. Yes, I broke down and bought some better bike rain gear for the winter drizzle and a few other much needed things, like some fleece and panniers for my bike.

In the picture to the right, you can see the net floats bunching up in the slack tide. It is a never-ending challenge to deal with the tides, currents, wind and keeping the net somewhat straight. This is our third set on the second day.

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