Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today was a busy day, but it was a day to take the old c.1973 Schwinn out. Actually I switched to the Trek later in the afternoon and got another friggin' flat. (I swear I change tires on that bike more than my boxers.) I had to walk until I saw someone outside riding a bike or looking leek they might own a bike pump, which was about a mile. It was probably a lot less, but it seemed like a mile. I need to pick up liners or something to alleviate that, as my tubes are all polka-dotted with patches.

So I am horribly tired and spent an hour (maybe more) battling with the wireless router upstairs. But I got it working again (this writing being proof). At least I think I now know how to set one up though. And my phone got drenched yesterday in the bag I had at the motorcycle class, so now I might toss that one. I cannot see the display and things like my address book or who's calling. And on top of that, I cannot call from home to retrieve my messages because I no longer have a push-button phone (only a rotary).

Technology is killing me.

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ciadelle said...

I´ll trade you five new tubes for that retro cool Schwinn of yours!!! :)