Friday, October 19, 2007


As I pass by the captain's house everyday, I frequently wonder how his season is going. Actually I should call him. It has been stormy and rainy in parts the past seventy-two hours and I hope this weather wasn't keeping him in port. Or maybe I should hope that it did keep Miss Guided in port. (I heard there were gusts to fifty knots last night.) At any rate, he does have decades of experience under his belt to know whether or not to go out. Call me a wussy, but I am happy sitting in front of the gas fireplace.

And tonight I took the television out and turned on the only channel I get: KVOS from Bellingham and Vancouver (It has more Canadian than US commercials). Usually there is a good movie on at eight every night. Now I don't think I've every seen a John Wayne movie, so tonight was special. The movie is McClintock, and actually I'm not even paying attention to it. (Hmm. I once knew a Tuck McClintcok from Pittsburgh that was a very interesting and eccentric stockbroker. He lived near me in Shadyside. My fondest memory of Tuck is seeing him wearing a white Andy Warhol inside this party at the opening night of the Warhol museum on Pittsburgh's North Side. My friend and I just walked through the front door and pretty much crashed the party. It's amazing where you will end up with a nice suit, just enough scotch and a your chin up. I heard that poor Tuck passed away from cancer a few years back, which is too bad.)

Oops. I am going way off. Gotta get back to work. But Sunday I hope to pick up the motorcycle and ride next week whenever I get a good window.

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