Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Work and Apples

This is a sunset from a while back. Today was drizzle, rain, drizzle and clouds. How the seasons change quite abruptly. Summer was years ago, and the crispness of fall is upon us. Fallen apples litter the grass of the lawns around town. I will pick some up at the corner market up the street this weekend. Apples from now until May. Yum. But it has become pitch black at eight o'clock at night, and lethargy has set in. Everyone seems to be running a little slower.

And work has picked up to a brisk pace. Today was a non-stop day from eight thirty until now, but fortunately good things are happening. I am working with a company (sort of under wraps right now, beside - in case you really haven't noticed, I rarely talk about those I work with) that is exactly what I longed for during my somber suit-and-tie career staring from a glassed in office in a soulless world: I am working with a company that can make a difference for the better in the world, an exploding and highly profitable industry, and a company culture that nurtures individualism and talent. Oh, and a position where I can basically dust off the all the education I knew would someday serve a greater purpose. And it is amazing how quickly those things settled in the depths of undergrad come back to you.

Off to bed.

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