Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hi Tech.

Bellingham is located about eighty miles (130km) north of Seattle - arguably the technology center of the world, home to Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, among many,many others...

I am lucky to take advantage of this by owning the latest cutting edge audiovisual components. To the left is a picture of my Entertainment Center. The television is able to automatically choose the channel you want to watch. I only get one channel, so its choice is rather simple. The radio, circa 1990, is a radio. With CD and retro cassette (although one cassette tape permanently resides there - a Bob Dylan mix: my friend Hugh gave it to me, or maybe he left it in my car ten years or so back). Here is a picture of my communications center. The envy of all those techies out there. Blackberries be damned!

At any rate, a day of sleeping in, reading about biodiesel, and biking for a bit to the coffee shop. A friend called from Tahoe this morning and we reminisced about the wonderful mountain biking we did in on the Tahoe Rim Trail. I've since sold my mountain bike. Although I realize there is wonderful mountain biking here in Bellingham, I somehow should honor the mountain biking gods by sacrificing my Trek to another. Wonderful riding at 9,000 feet with constant views of the lake. Deep blue skies, perfect temperature with zero humidity.

But I do love the drizzle too. Right now there are mushrooms all over the back yard - three different kinds that I counted today. Everything is moist.

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Tiffany said...

there is something very admirable about the level of technology you have in your house! thumbing your nose at "the latest thing" and seemingly forced consumerism mentality.
thank you for upholding simplicity.