Monday, October 8, 2007


This picture is looking south from the backyard. Typical cloudy day in Bellingham.

Today was a day of motorcycle riding in the pouring rain. The classroom part of the rider safety class was inside in the morning, and as predicted, the rain came around noon - just as we went outside to ride on the course. I ended up passing both tests (the written was entirely easy; the practice, not so easy. You see, after riding bikes for a few decades, you get used looking forward about fifteen feet; on a motorcycle you need to look up on a more distant level).

But I often thought that riding a motorcycle is not much different than riding a bicycle, but they really are two entirely different things. Yes, riding on the road will be a bit risky, and that is one thing that anyone on two wheels needs to be aware of: the dangers of preoccupied people in cars (on cell phones especially) that have been shown to be equivalent to drunk drivers on the road. Oh on the edge.

And of course, the rain and clouds cleared for a dramatic and beautiful sunset as I was biking to the grocery store. A Trader Joe's just opened up the street, which is all the rage. My food needs are not very diverse or great, so I have not been there yet. It's only a few blocks away though, so I will eventually venture up there.

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