Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yeah, the pictures are starting to run thin, but here is one taken over in the rain forest a few weeks back. If you click on it you can see the moss-draped tree. Really neat where entire forests are covered like this. Much of the western side of the Cascades are like this. I have some better pics somewhere, and will need to start carrying my camera.

'Tis quite an uneventful day when you had to ask yourself what you did. I did cut the grass for the first time in months. The recent rains have reinvigorated everything. On the other hand, everyone seems to have downshifted with the clouds and rain, and a pall of lethargy seems to have been cast over Bellingham. Good thing that you are never far from excellent coffee (Bellingham has the fourth highest number of coffee houses per capita in the U.S., so I've been told).

But I am going out for Chum Salmon on Thursday west of Deception Pass, so I am trying to lay low and relax. It's a 38' gillnetter and I've been told I will get some sleep, while others said I will get very little over the 72 hour season. Sleep deprivation is fun. We also have a tender offloading, which indicates that it could be more fishing and less cruising. I am sure that pictures will follow (which reminds me to recharge camera batteries).

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