Monday, October 15, 2007


This picture was taken last week on the bike trail to work. Fall is in the air. So is drizzle. It rained quite steadily all day, but it is not unwelcomed. Back to the daily grind in a moist sort of way.

And trying to pry rusty finance and accounting skills from the back of my brain created in the foggy decades of yore is most challenging. A writer's block equivalent, sitting in front of an Excel spreadsheet. (How did I get from a fishing boat to this in only two days?) At any rate, I usually write later at night; tonight I am writing at 7:21pm. In a few minutes over to a coffee house for poetry/prose readings. Someday I might read something there. But right now I am finishing up the second set of a 1981 Spectrum show.

Off to Seattle on Wednesday for a dinner. Or actually Bellevue. The road outside is shimmering and not wet, so it may be a good sign that it is doing nothing more than a drizzle. Drizzle is cool. Rain sucks.

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