Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This was the gillnetter's spartan cabin looking aft. Two berths. Top bunk single, lower double. Stove forward to starboard. (This thing kicked butt and kept the cabin at a constant toasty temperature, as well as water boiling continuously for coffee, although I really didn't drink too much.) Forward of the stove is the galley. And forward to starboard is the helm (or whatever they call it on motorboats) - see the picture below. Port side settee (where I learned to play cribbage on the way back while passing through Deception Pass with the flood tide).

So I drove to Bellevue tonight for a dinner forum on Biodiesel. It was a rental car and other than being able to listen to the Introduction To Nick Drake CD (twice) - I would've rathered my VW. But tomorrow I return the rental car and look forward to resuming the cruiser as the mode of transport. A friend that currently lives in Denver that I met when we were both living in Cincinnati (who incidentally is from near Pittsburgh) gave me the Nick Drake CD years ago, and I think it is probably the overall most favorite music I possess. But back to the is a fascinating industry in which to be working, and the people with whom I work are incredibly intelligent.

I also got my motorcycle endorsement today and my ticket number (to wait in line) was 666 - the sign of the beast. Ominous?

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