Friday, October 5, 2007

Live to Ride

Tonight began the weekend class for the motorcycle safety class. Surprisingly, the class is roughly fifty-fifty men to women. And all sorts of interesting people that ride for all different reasons. This picture was taken from the North Sound Safety website.

I never in a million years thought I would be buying a motorcycle. (If my poor mother was alive I could only imagine her maternal inclinations.) But my friend Hutch planted the seed last year and suddenly I caught the bug for both reasons of practicality and getting amongst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. And the BMWs are widely accepted among the Harley crowd, as well as the Japanese bikers (so I've been told). I am looking forward to getting the proper endorsement on my license and then waiting for some nice weather. I will probably pick up the bike in a week, and then it will sit in the garage until a window appears. One of my first planned trips will be to Leavenworth, Washington.

Tonight was classroom instruction; tomorrow is class and then riding practice, and the same thing Sunday. And rain is predicted at 60%-80% tomorrow and 90% Sunday. Yes, I anticipate being a fair weather biker, but getting wet is par for the course.

The class is right at the foot of Cornwall Ave. and you can see Western's campus in the background. Off to bed for me - it has been a long week.

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