Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yeah, this is a crummy picture. But it shows the engine on the motorbike. I believe it is called a boxer engine, which is an opposed two-cylinder motor. I don't know a whole lot about them, although I am gradually learning. I have a Clymer repair manual, and it looks no harder than working on an old VW.

I think I will learn how to adjust the carburetors, as that seems to have a big impact on the performance. Maybe even rebuild them someday. Everything seems to be very straightforward and easily accessible. But that's obviously being a bit premature, as my mechanical skills are a bit rusty.

But I can see how people fall in love with these bikes. Especially the older ones. I started off doing yard work, but walking by it today sucked up over an hour of my time when I started playing around and cleaning and polishing. I am the last person that I ever thought would become like this. But beauty can take the form of a mushroom, a sunset, or an old 1975 BMW.

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