Friday, October 26, 2007


Here is a picture taken on July 4th from a little 22' sailboat on Bellingham Bay. Far off are the Chuckanuts, the last vestige of generally undeveloped land where the Cascade Mountains meet the sea. Since this is the one remaining passage in the Pacific Northwest, it's a rather poignant debate in certain parts.

This entire area was once timbered, although it has returned to a healthy forest. I heard on a radio station how the tree huggers are actually aligning themselves with the lumberjacks, as trees will grow back and sustain the forests; development ruins the land forever. Over 90% of the coast is developed, so it would be nice to save a little bit. But it will probably be paved over, timbered, and built on. Forever. They are trying to stop development by creating a park. Maybe there is hope.

Oh well. Enough complaining.

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