Monday, October 1, 2007


This picture was taken from the front window. Nothing of photographic significance. Just a typical cloudy day in Drizzleham. Here is a link to the harbor cam.

Actually, I enjoy this type of rain versus the torrents we had last week. This is the point where you always carry rain gear with you. The sun does peek through for a bit and it is even quite sunny for a bit. But then the next wave of clouds pass through, and with them comes the rain. Everything is turning green again, springing back to life. Soon it will become dormant again for the slumber of winter.

Yes, last November, December and January were the cold months. And this past winter was unseasonably cold. These Nor'easters blow down from the Fraser Valley and dip the temps into the teens. This happened twice last year. And these houses are not made for very cold weather like the ones back east, so one is quite chilly inside. The gas bill for the month of February was a whopping $59. Gone are the days of $13 gas and $25 electric bills. Time to use the clothes drier again versus the clothesline outside.

Add to the moisture in the air and it is c*o*l*d. Call me a wuss, but the moist sea winds always make it seem twenty degrees colder than it is. I have not been as chilled to the bone back east in zero degree temperatures as I have been here when it was thirty. Fortunately the standard winter temp hovers around forty Fahrenheit with clouds and drizzle. And wind. This weekend was a gale, which can gust in the fifty-knot-plus range.

But enough of the wind and weather. Off to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Busy rest of the week.

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