Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So you are probably thinking, "oh god not another story about the weather..."

But today I was sitting in a coffee shop about a hundred feet from these marauding kayakers (actually this picture was taken a few days ago), working for much of the afternoon. Of course, right when leaving I experienced a serious downpour. A downpour where your feet are soaked, and everything else will take the remainder of the evening to dry. Like I said last night: rain sucks. Drizzle is fine. I will take ten days of drizzle over one day of this type of hard rain.

But when I was passing out of town on my cruiser after the deluge, I saw a rainbow over the my house. And it stayed over the house for the five minutes it takes to get home. Maybe a good sign.

Not much more, just busy like always and not seeming to get much done. I am glad that fall is in full swing with winter on the heel. When it is warm and beautiful you cannot fathom the thought of cold rain and dark clouds lasting most of the day. But when when you feel the rain on your face and the wet fleece on your chin, it seems only natural.

Warm tea helps too.

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