Thursday, October 25, 2007


"But theres a full moon risin
Lets go dancin in the light
We know where the musics playin
Lets go out and feel the night."
- Neil Young

Tonight was the Harvest Moon - or actually I think it may be tomorrow. Either way, it was still a quite bright night, although I really didn't spend much time outside. You see, today was a day of a challenge regarding a business effort. And it sucked. Fortunately as the shock hit, a friend called to go out to a social function this evening, for which I was grateful. Getting out of the house was a good thing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and I think the rush from these challenges is not too much different than mountain biking or alpine skiing. Or possibly gambling or betting, although I do neither of these.

And with the recent rain, mushrooms are sprouting up all over the place. I counted four different varieties in the yard. The mosses and fungi are quite ubiquitous. Not very exciting pictures like a sunset, but beautiful in their own way. Taking time to look at mushrooms is a good thing.

I need sleep. Stress can wear you down. But it was a wonderful day today. And I might ride my motorbike to a client's tomorrow, as he has been asking me about the BMW for the past few weeks. Looks like we're in the midst of an Indian Summer.

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