Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sea...

This picture was take of the Safe Return memorial in Bellingham

Come all you bold seafarin' men

And listen to my song
If you come off of them long trips
I'd have ya's not go wrong
Take my advice, drink no strong drink
Don't go sleeping with no whores
Get married lads and have all night in
So you'll go to sea no more

Okay, so I not even going out beyond the sight of land. Hell, I did more offshore sailing on Lake Erie. But I thought I would play the part of the seafaring bloke living in a fishing town in the Pacific Northwest. Actually, Bellingham is more of a lumber town...but oh well.

Yes, tomorrow I am going out for three days on a 38' gillnetter in the Strait of Juan de Fuca for Chum Salmon. Leaving at six o'clock a.m., be back Saturday (I believe). Packing for cold weather, but the Neptune may bestow upon us a favorable window of moderate temperatures and mellow seas. It actually is forecasted to be mostly sunny on Saturday.

I will probably not write again until Saturday or Sunday, but new pictures and fishing yarns will abound.

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