Saturday, October 6, 2007


This is definitely not a picture taken today, which was cloudy, drizzly and blustery, but at least the heavy rain held off until the evening. And although I was outside all day today, I did see the sun for about ninety seconds.

I can see how people love motorcycles. I rode around this course today on a little dinky Honda 125, and could only imagine being on the open highway cruising over mountain passes, along the coastline, or anywhere on the open highway. Very freeing, and I cannot wait to get my bike - hopefully this week. But the class was very beneficial, and I would recommend it to anyone. The people that run it are all ex-military, and in spite of their collective good nature, they still take the subject matter very seriously.

At any rate, tomorrow is a full day of class in the morning, followed by riding in the afternoon, and hopefully a successful test to be taken at the end of the day. Then a few more days until I can get to the licensing bureau to get my endorsement, although it will probably be next week.

More stories to tell in the next few days. Off to sea on Thursday, but busy with work in the interim. But that is good.

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