Thursday, October 4, 2007


I have been working some long hours and initially had some trouble settling into a routine and confining myself to a desk, as many people do when they try to work from home. Fortunately, I found, a really cool website that streams all sorts of live recordings and videos. Best of all, it has virtually all Dead shoes from ~'65 on through '95. And even more recent shows (but who cares once Jerry passed). At any rate, the link above takes you to an Olympic Halle, Munich, Germany on October 12, 1981, the best years of the Grateful Dead: 1979-1981 (This is merely my opinion, and is disputed by many, if not all. Some day I will explain my reasoning behind that, but not tonight). At any rate, I popped this show in, and turned up my forty dollar Cambridge Soundworks speakers (with sub-woofer). They actually sound quite decent, and they are the best audio equipment I have in my house.

An entire show keeps me anchored to my desk, as I never understood why anyone jumped from song to song on live recordings. Start listening to set one, listen to the whole show. And if you need to leave, please pick up where you left off upon your return. These shows of yore - front to back - have been quite effective in improving my productivity. God Bless the Grateful Dead. And America too.

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