Monday, October 29, 2007


This picture was taken a few weeks back when my brother was in town, over on the peninsula at Port Angeles. It's gotten quite cloudy since then, although not a tremendous amount of rain. Well, except for this morning.

I am off to Portland tomorrow in an effort to meet with investors and all sorts of other people in this latest endeavor working with a biodiesel company here in town. Biodiesel has taken root here in the Pacific Northwest, and there seems to be an abundance of companies embracing the concept, as well as government programs, venture capital, and a general public acceptance of the viability of adopting an alternative fuel. It is surprisingly popular in the Midwest. But considering that is where the feedstock is grown, maybe it's not such a surprise.

It's obviously not an cure-all for the woes facing our country, but it may be a step in the right direction. Our current path is in no way sustainable - by any measure - and fortunately being amidst this excitement is reminiscent of the dot-com day, except here something useful and beneficial is being produced, versus the vaporware shams of the tech bubble (of which could arguably say I was a part).

At any rate, up at 4:30 tomorrow morning - an ungodly hour by anyone's standards. I may or may not post tomorrow, as I will be somewhere along I-84 on the Columbia River.

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