Sunday, September 30, 2007


Here's another picture taken of Fairhaven last week. It is 11th Street looking south towards Harris.

Sleep is good. This evening I caught up on my week's deficit, although I've read that after seventy-two hours, you will never regain the sleep that you lost. Well tonight I tried to continue reading a Tristan Jones novel (Somewheres East of Suez), and fell asleep on numerous occasions. So now it is midnight, and I am going to make some tea, and probably continue to upend my sleeping regimen and work for a few more hours. Oh well. At least my morning schedule is not heavy until Wednesday.

Today was a movie day. I went to the Pickford to see "In the Shadow of the Moon." Great movie, although I am looking forward to a movie with more of a storyline. Many of the recent Pickford flicks have been documentary types. I might need to break down and by a DVD player over the winter and bring out the television again. At any rate, off to do some work and listen to evening jazz.

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